Health matters that might be concerning you

Sometimes it’s worth asking the important questions


Why is the Government injecting us against a virus that independent scientists say is no more dangerous than flu?

Why are drug companies now saying the vaccines don’t help with catching, passing on, surviving or recovering from Covid? What’s the point of taking them?

Why do the jabs need to be so regularly boosted? Aren’t vaccines supposed to protect you over a long period of time?

Why is it the vast majority of Covid patients entering hospital are fully vaccinated while only around 1% are unvaccinated?

Why are the experimental jabs now linked to an estimated 80 million deaths worldwide, many caused by stroke, cancer and heart disease?

Why does government data report miscarriages and still births rising from 11% to as high as 80% of all pregnancies?

Why can’t doctors treat Covid-19 patients with cheap and effective medications that have saved millions of lives across the world?

Why is all of this being ignored by mainstream media – in particular the BBC?


Why, according to government statistics do those suffering a recurrence of cancer still have just a 4% chance of recovery?

Why, when natural medicines offers a wide range of known cancer cures, are there laws that stop health practitioners and doctors offering them?


Why are vaccines considered important when most of those diseases were in fast decline before the jabs arrived?

Why was autism almost unknown 80 years ago, yet since the advent of vaccines the number of cases has reached a staggering 1 in 30 people?

Why is Big Pharma making $60 billion a year from vaccines and a further $500 billion a year selling drugs that supposedly deal with vaccine-induced injury?


Why are antidepressants so heavily promoted when they are known to be based on faulty science and proven not to work?

Why are money-spinning statins offered to most older people, when a healthy diet and sufficient exercise are known to be far more beneficial?


Many believe Covid-19 vaccination had little to do with combating a flu-type virus. Rather it was planned and executed to provoke panic and fear as part of a worldwide agenda called ‘The Great Reset’. Mainstream media still maintains this deception.

Big Pharma is big business, VERY big business and a pharmaceutical business only gets that big by having lots of sick customers. Many feel profit takes pole position in any debate about drug revenues and their effectiveness.

No surprise then that health practitioners are experiencing significant growth and grass roots operations like the People’s Health Alliance are fast appearing on the scene. The NHS is itself sick but communities are facing the challenge and already making greater use of locally based services.