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Unique Pulse

Relax / Re-balance / Revitalise

Tired, stressed, anxious, depressed or suffer with pain? Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or under the weather?

Here at Unique Pulse we offer a fast, non-invasive, drug free holistic solution to help re-set and re-balance your body, mind and spirit helping you feel yourself again in no time.

We offer the latest in Bio-resonance therapy, treatment is a gentle non evasive, painless, complimentary, energy therapy based on modern day Biophysics which can help aid the immune system and assists the body to reduce toxin or stress levels using magnetic pulses to help re-set & re-align your body and mind.

We also offer Reflexology from our beautiful calming stress free practice , helping to de-stress and relax clients and helping with issues such as :

Stress & anxiety – Headaches – Neck, back & shoulder pain – Insomnia – Energy levels – Digestive disorders – Allergies & skin conditions – Respiratory conditions  Immune function  Endocrine conditions – PMT – Menopause – PCOS & endometriosis – Fertility & much more.

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57 Main Street, Little Harrowden, Wellingborough
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