The Wellness Room Bedford -wellness MOTS and Nutritional Therapy -Donna Samuels

Mrs CB “I have to say a wonderful thank you , as since I saw you my problems have cleared up. I still take the advised supplements and following the advised diet and feel great. Thank you again”

Donna Samuels
Holistic Nutritional Therapist

Wellness MOTS
‘Allergy’/Intolerance/Sensitivity  Consultations,
Bioresonance no Smoking Therapy,

InterX / Scenar Pain Therapy

Many people want to take more responsibility for their health and improve their wellbeing but do not know which way to turn. Common conditions such as IBS, digestive problems, skin problems, fatigue, hormone imbalance, weight gain, headache/migraine and other wellness issues may  respond positively with nutritional therapy and a Wellness MOT. The Wellness MOT is also suitable for those in Peri-menopause/menopause who wish to address symptoms naturally. A Wellness MOT can give you the focus you need to concentrate on your individual weaknesses , body stressors , wellbeing risks and nutritional status. No more buying every supplement in the health shop hoping it will work and taking shots in the dark! You will be advised on WHAT YOU NEED for nutrition, lifestyle, supplements, stress, and any necessary recommended referrals to guide you to optimum wellness.

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