Dr Paola Bisicchia

Paola Bisicchia is a Doctor in Molecular Biology and Genetics, and a fully certified Transformational Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher, Energy Healer and Holistic Therapist.

Her mission is to help people live in alignment with who they truly are and find the joy that comes from living their truth and their life purpose.

She assists people who wish to let go of any of physical, emotional or mental complications that they feel are hindering them, not only to let go of these issues, but also to use them as stepping stones towards opening up to a new, freer and more expanded way of living.

Paola’s approach to Energy Healing and Coaching originates from her own personal journey of radical transformation and expansion (you can read below Paola’s personal story), and it involves combining Energy Healing with awareness in order to enable clients to get in touch with their own inner wisdom and guidance.

Working together in this process, her clients can become free to achieve their optimal physical and emotional health, to step into their true, fully realised self, and to live the life they truly want to live from a place of empowerment, clarity and joy.

Paola’s Healing sessions provide deep, fast and lasting transformations, as affirmed by the many positive testimonials by her clients (click here to see the testimonials)

Paola’s scientific background (a Master’s degree in Genetics and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and years of experience as a Scientist researcher at Oxford University) allows her to achieve a rational, down to earth approach to Energy Healing and its potential for enhancing human health and well being

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