Counselling in Oxford

Counselling in Oxford

Guy is a counsellor.  I follow a "Relational" Model which means that through expeirence I have learnt that the "Therapeutic Relationship"  that forms (ie how you and I get to know each other over time)  between you and I is the agent of change ie the thing that really helps you.  This is kind of hard to understand....I'll try and explain more below

A doctor is more likely to tend "do to you" (more as an object, potentially with a power dynamic difference between you, and will have less time).  A Doctor wants to fix a problem and generally follows a direct approach.  This is known as the "Medical Model"

In Relational Counselling I treat you as a person, a subject (not an object) and we explore and are curious, and are not attached to outcomes or necessarily trying to "fix" you. We allow space for previously unknown thoughts and feelings to emerge.  We then might understand how thoughts and feelings lead to behaviour and back again.

I am on the Health Local site because I believe mind and body are intimately connected and in relationship with each other. Bodily sensations and experiences are incredibly important but often neglected part of our internal wisdom. 

My wife Sarah is also on this site as a Herbalist/Iridologist so between us we can cover the whole of you.

I believe in a holistic approach to health and wellbeing where we harness the bodies natural ability to heal, and our minds natural ability to understand. (whilst also paying attention to the tricks and pitfalls that can come through an over-reliance on thoughts and intellect)  

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